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Learn About Our Podiatrists in Moncton

If aching or injured feet are preventing you from moving around the way that you need to, don’t wait to visit a podiatrist – namely us! Serving Moncton and area, Price Preston Podiatry provides foot care to people of all ages in a comfortable, caring setting.

Meet the Podiatry Team

Our Podiatrists

Dr. Natalie Price Preston

A Moncton native, Dr. Natalie Price Preston received her B.S. degree from Dalhousie University in Halifax. She then earned her D.P. from The Michener Institute in Toronto. Dr. Price Preston has been practicing podiatry in Moncton for more than 15 years, and she is a member of both the New Brunswick Podiatry Association and the Canadian Federation of Podiatric Medicine Association.

Dr. Natalie Price Preston

Dr Mikaela Cybulskie

Dr. Mikaela Cybulskie received her Bachelor's of Science in Biology with a specialization in Health Sciences from Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario. She went on to study Chiropody at The Michener Institute in Toronto, completing placements in private clinics, hospital, and community care settings. Dr. Cybulskie moved to Moncton and joined our team in 2022.


Meet Our Staff

Nancy Leger

As a long-time resident of Dieppe, Nancy has been the pleasant face and voice behind the business since 2001.

Nancy has been a vital part of the Price Preston Podiatry team since 2001. Not only does she provide outstanding administrative service to both the patients and practitioners, but she also takes great pride in her role. She's the first person patients meet on entry to the clinic, and always with a smile! Nancy's attention to detail and impressive work ethic is sure to provide patients with the best experience while seeking service at Price Preston Podiatry.

Training and Qualifications for Podiatrists

All students studying Podiatric Medicine have a Bachelor of Science or higher degree. The podiatry curriculum spans four years at an accredited College (in the USA) or University (in Canada) of Podiatric Medicine. Students study courses in all basic medical sciences. In the final two years, emphasis is placed on disorders affecting the foot and ankle and their various types of treatment. These courses are coordinated with clinical training in various university teaching hospitals. Upon completion, graduates obtain their "Doctor or Podiatric Medicine" (D.P.M.) degree. Comprehensive Board exams must then be passed before being licensed to practice.

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